#1 Messaging Skills and Success

In this episode of The Question Is… Cam Barber addresses the question: How important are messaging skills when speaking in public?

(Hint: Very important! Public Speaking has evolved and traditional public speaking training is counterproductive).

Includes the opening chapter of Cam’s book, What’s Your Message? which shows that great leaders have one thing in common – messaging skills.


Show notes:

0:09 Public speaking has evolved and it’s all about messaging skills

0:48 The power of messaging – A statistical anomaly

1:36 The Year of living frustrated

2:29 First, break all he rules

4:01 A turning point

5:25 Don Bradman is a statistical anomaly

7:14 Leaders with opposite personalities

8:44 Unlocking the secret of great CEOs

9:54 Roberto’s key message

11:53 Jack’s key message

12:55 The sharp end of communication

15:01 Persuasion is built on message transfer so, What’s Your Message?



  1. Cam,
    I’m so excite you are starting a podcast! The first one is a great review of the book. Can’t wait to hear more!

    • Cam Barber says:

      Thanks Rita 🙂

      This first podcast was mostly recorded in a studio and feels a little formal and low energy to me, but does have some great stories.

      The next podcasts will be more informal and higher energy.

      Thanks for your feedback!


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