1-hour Zoom Coaching Session

Work directly with Cam Barber via videoconference. The session is 100% focused on your goals. Be clear and ready to persuade for events such as a speech, presentation or important conversation. For example:

Brainstorm your Message Strategy

Prepare for a pitch or sales meeting

Complete a Presentation Outline

Learn the Vivid Method

Get certainty about an important conversation

Ask anything…

The session can be recorded with complete transcription, for later review.

Return on investment

The 1-hour live coaching session is not cheap – its USD$1,000 – but it’s incredibly productive.

Depending on your situation, your return on Investment could be from 2-to-1, to 100-to-1.


  • Time – How many hours might you spend preparing for a speech, presentation or important conversation? If you save 10 hours, what is that worth to you or your organization? Cam will help you complete your planning now.
  • Clarity + certainty – Most great ideas are lost in the detail. Cam helps you consider different perspectives to bring the idea to life! This builds your confidence and helps you speak with certainty.
  • Persuasion – What’s your goal? If you fail to persuade people to support your project what is the cost in wasted time and resources? Cam provides tools and techniques – and suggests messages and persuasive structures to ensure your listeners see the value.