About SpeechOutline.com

One of the secrets to great speaking is:

Outline every time.

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you ever get there?

First, think through the skeleton of the thing. Major points, subheads, title.

An outline takes the guesswork – and much of the *actual work* – out of the picture. Don’t start blindly typing a script or creating slides without a map. Give yourself a simple path to walk down, and then walk, simply putting one foot in front of the other.

SpeechOutline.com helps you quickly create speech outlines for presentations, speeches and media messages in half the time – and structure them to have twice the impact.

It’s quite revolutionary. Have a look for yourself.


How does it work?

Most people fail to create an effective Outline when they prepare for a speech or presentation and this costs them time and persuasive impact. 4 reasons to use SpeechOutline.com…


1. The Speech Outline Generator

The Speech Outline Creator makes it easy to storyboard your ideas in just 15 minutes. It;

  • helps organize your thoughts before you get bogged down in details
  • shows the logical flow of your ideas – and which ideas need elaboration
  • helps identify key messages and the best way to get them across.


2. Create PowerPoint slides automatically!

  • choose ‘Export’ to download a file that opens in PowerPoint (with the Presentation Outline structure intact)
  • you just add images
  • this patent-pending process can save you hours
  • slides automatically follow the Chunk Structure to keep you on track and engage your audience


3. Collaborate with colleagues when preparing

Work on your Outlines together – at the same time – from any computer, any location.

  • get feedback at the Outline Stage; don’t waste time going in the wrong direction
  • use colleagues, managers or experts to help you
  • each time ʻsaveʼ is clicked, everyone sees the changes immediately
  • nominate whether your collaborators have Viewing access or Editing access


4. Free iPhone and iPad app

Always be ready to persuade! Always feel prepared.

Access your list of Outlines (speeches, presentations, media messages) anytime, anywhere.

  • simply flick through your ‘slides’ one-by-one to follow your structure, or
  • go immediately to the section or message you need.
  • the built-in ‘Chunk’ structure keeps you on track.
  • the progress indicator shows you where you are in your presentation.
  • have your notes handy at any time before or during a speech. 


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