The Vivid Method for Public Speaking

Simplify public speaking.

The Vivid Method is a practical way of preparing and delivering important communication in a natural and engaging way.

For Public Speaking, Presentation Skills and Media Training.

It removes the obstacles to success and develops relaxed, credible and persuasive speakers – and forms the foundation for Leadership Training and Management training.

The Vivid Method has 3 parts:

1. The ClarityFirst Principles

  1. All anxiety is caused by uncertainty
  2. Message transfer is your measure of success
  3. We all have the Closeness Problem
  4. Natural Style unlocks your talent
  5. You can control anxiety by understanding it

In this stage you discard old habits and learn to think clearly about public speaking. You see that you can control nerves with tools to dissolve anxiety, so you can relax and get on with your talk. You learn how to speak with certainty in your Natural Style.

  • When you get really clear on WHAT you need to do, and HOW to do it, your mind and body automatically help you succeed.
  • Know how to think clearly and objectively, so you can control nerves and speak with certainty.
  • Develop a relaxed Natural Style.


2. Create a Speech Outline – quickly

  • A fast, simple process to create a Speech Outline (or Presentation Outline).
  • Clarify the central message and automatically group and emphasise information with the Chunk Structure.
  • Transfer the content of your Outline into PowerPoint instantly.
  • Use the structured Outline to collaborate and get feedback on the presentation in the early stages – saving a huge amount of time and frustration down the track
  • The Outline step reduces preparation time (save hours or even days).
  • Download the free PDF for the Speech Outline Process.

3. Give Great Explanations

  • Learn a range of ways to engage an audience.
  • Visual Explanations: How to use visual support such as PowerPoint, but also other visual methods to capture an audience.
  • How to develop presence, maintain poise and handle questions and objections.
  • Provides a range of options to engage your audience.
  • Persuasive techniques to sell ideas and get support for them.
  • How to develop presence and maintain poise under pressure.


Get training in the Vivid Method in workshops, seminars and coaching programs that show you how to leverage communication skills to improve personal success and organizational performance. They help you:

  • think clearly
  • speak with certainty 
  • sell ideas
  • lead effectively

Here’s a video (just for fun) discussing the Vivid Method for public speaking: