Persuasive Speaking videos

Cam Barber has produced a series of 3-5 minute ‘Persuasive Speaking’ videos to help you speak more persuasively in both stand-up public speaking (like board presentations) and day-to-day business communication.

Scroll through the titles and see if there is a Persuasive Speaking episode helpful to you right now. We’ll be adding more videos on a regular basis.


Persuasive Speaking #4, Translate ideas into vivid message

Persuasive Speaking #3, How to Start a Speech – 4 ways


Persuasive Speaking #2, Reduce Uncertainty and Nerves Evaporate

* Learn the cause of public speaking anxiety (in fact, the root cause of ALL anxiety), and how to dissolve presentation nerves.


Persuasive Speaking #1, The ‘First Impression’ myth.

* Start to get clear. Well-meaning people can burden you with with this damaging ‘tip’.

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