Public Speaking Simplified

The Vivid Method simplifies Public Speaking and helps you be more persuasive in:

  • Speeches,
  • Presentations,
  • Media conversations.



It shows you how to eliminate the interference caused by normal speaking nerves and information overload.

On top of that it provides tools to structure information to bring it to life.

This helps you think clearly – and activates your innate talent.

There are 3 parts:

  1. ClarityFirst Principles to control nerves.
  2. A Speech Outline template for message and structure.
  3. Techniques to give great explanations.


Why does it need simplifying?

Most training makes public speaking too complicated – which increases anxiety and makes it harder to think clearly.

There are too many rules and too much conflicting advice. For example:

  • “Have 6 gestures a minute, but be yourself.” Ridiculous, we’re not robots.
  • “The first 8 seconds forms the lasting impression.” No it doesn’t.
  • “Do 10 minutes of preparation for every minute you speak, no matter how much you know about the subject.” Doesn’t take into account your unique situation.
  • “Your recap should be 10% of the length of your talk.” Rubbish.

The rules approach creates uncertainty which adds to anxiety.


Rules discourage you from thinking for yourself.

What you need are guidelines and tools to help you think – about your audience, your message, and the best way to get it across.

You need a strong foundation of natural style – which frees you to relax and think for yourself.


You don’t have to be Brad Pitt

A lot of presentation skills training is done by actors – making people feel they have to be great stage performers to be good at explaining ideas in a boardroom. Most of us aren’t Brad Pitt, so we come away feeling our natural style isn’t good enough.

Persuasive communication is so important for achieving your goals, you need to remove the burden of public speaking so you can shine.


It’s easy to be persuasive.

  • Remove the interference.
  • Understand the stress response and learn triggers to relax.
  • Define your message.
  • Have a method to organise your ideas that you can rely on (even when under pressure).
  • Learn natural delivery skills to explain your idea.


Who uses it?

We have hundreds of testimonials from businesspeople, sportspeople, Scientists and TV presenters…

…about how they have a method they can rely on.


Benefits of the Vivid Method

Immediately increase your ability to:

  • Think clearly
  • Speak with certainty
  • Engage an audience
  • Sell ideas



When people overcome the ‘biggest fear’, they feel comfortable developing in other areas.





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