Some of the world’s most successful organizations trust the Vivid Method to navigate important communication situations.


“Everyone thought [the session] was awesome. It totally changed their perspective.” – Co-founder, Seek Ltd


“My concern wasn’t the course fee, it was the time it would cost me, but the course was very productive. I completed two presentations, improved my skills for the long term and had some important questions answered.” Managing Director, Columbia TriStar Films


“Thank you for the Message Strategy session. We are already getting positive feedback from the press about the way we are presenting as a club” – COO, Hawthorn Football Club


“The Vivid Method will give you the skills to make you a confident and engaging presenter.” – Business Analyst, Shell


“I have the tools to think more clearly and show the confidence that is needed. I can see now that clarity of message and certainty of voice underpin the most compelling delivery.” – President, United International Pictures (Japan)


“The Vivid Method cuts through the rigid rules and unnecessary crap often associated with public speaking and develops people to communicate clearly and effectively. Thank you for the fresh approach.” – CEO, Boost Juice


“Vivid’s communication principles provide clarity and help ensure the intended message is transferred with credibility.” – Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers


“I’ve looked at 8 providers of presentation skills training and what Vivid has to offer is outstanding.” – Vice President, Marketing, Foster’s Brewing


“It is a brilliant program that is incredibly simple.” – Head of Development, Sensis


“The transformation from technical overload to a clear message was incredible.” – GM referring to Head of Technology, Toyota


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