Save time (cut preparation time and increase productivity)

Without a method to write a speech or create a presentation, you can waste huge amounts of time and energy.


Planning tools

In an attempt to save time, most people skip the crucial first step:

Creating an Outline

The Vivid Method includes tools to quickly create an Outline and structure your ideas.

Usually, ten minutes spent using these tools saves an hour in preparation time. They make the process simple; dramatically reducing, not just the time, but the mental effort required to prepare effectively.



With a structure in place, refining your slides is effortless.

Most people do this back to front (refine the slides and then attempt to structure them) and waste hours.

The Vivid Method shows you how to get your Speech Outline into PowerPoint, and clearly structured, in seconds.


Collaboration method

If you have a team presentation or just want feedback from a manager or subject-matter expert, it pays to discuss our presentation at the outline stage.

Placing the focus on message and structure makes internal coaching and managing easier. With your vivid Outline, you can review a presentation in a couple of minutes – as opposed to scrutinizing every inch of every slide.


Greater productivity

  • Hold shorter and more productive meetings.
  • Build more effective teams through better communication.
  • Shorten the sales cycle.
  • Reduce mistakes and re-work resulting from misunderstandings.


The Vivid Method dramatically reduces the time and mental effort required to prepare for important communication.

Create a presentation or write a speech in half the time.