Sell Ideas (compelling messages and persuasive structure)

Being a great communicator gets better results than just being great at your role. Everybody needs the ability to sell their ideas. To;

  • get people to take action
  • build a team
  • get support for a project
  • implement a new strategy
  • convince people to buy a product or use a service.


Great leaders need to be great communicators

Presenting your vision of the future (whether it be the outcome of today’s meeting or the conclusion of the 5-year plan) as a persuasive presentation is a cornerstone of leadership.

You don’t have to be pushy or manipulative to sell ideas, you need to be clear and engaging.

Exceptional organizational performance requires that key stakeholders be persuaded – and that they, in turn, convince others.

We live in the information overload age. To sell an idea or gain support for a project it must stand out from the ‘noise’.

The Vivid Method helps you identify what motivates your audience and then turn ideas into persuasive and transferable messages.


The Vivid Method…

Helps you explain the value

Being persuasive doesn’t require tricks or manipulation; it requires clearly articulated ideas and credibility.

Unfortunately, most people fail to get the value out of their head and communicate it effectively to others. Your great idea gets lost in the details.

The skill is to think before you speak and clarify a compelling message and persuasive structure. This foundation makes it easier to deliver an idea in a compelling way.

And when you know how to articulate the full value of your idea, it’s easy to respond to objections and manage tough questions.


Gives you tools to share ideas

The persuasive structure in your Vivid Outline allows you to deliver a 1 minute version, or a 10 minute version of your presentation without changing the core structure. This means you are always prepared to persuade. Eg;

  • conference presentations
  • boardroom presentations
  • formal and informal meetings
  • hallways discussions
  • web meetings and conference calls.


Boosts your credibility

With the Vivid Method you to don’t need to put on an act or fake anything.

Being clear and working with your natural style means you can speak with certainty – and persuade with clarity.


“S/he who is clearest, wins”