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Digital Book Package

This package gives you options! Get 2 versions: audiobook and ebook. Access What's Your Message? anywhere, so you have twice the impact with half the effort, everywhere. Save $6.90 compared to purchasing items individually.

$33 USD



Who loves audiobooks? This one is narrated by the author and split into 67 chapters, so you can access the bits you need, anytime you need them.

Brainstorm your presentation in the car, sort your ideas while walking in the park, choose persuasive techniques during your workout, or prepare your talk sitting at your desk - and be ready to have twice the impact, using half the effort. Works on iOS or Android.

$29 USD

package 2

The Full Package

The best deal! This package includes 3 ways to access the Vivid Method, audiobook, ebook and paperback.

Put on your thinking cap (sorry for the pun!) a What's Your Message? unisex baseball cap and throw the red message ball for inspiration. Save $31 compared to purchasing the items individually.

*When you're in the audience, this hat encourages the speaker to cut the waffle and get to the message!

**Do not throw the message ball at people's heads!

***Unfortunately this package is only available in North America

$59 USD

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 9.55.35 AM

Paperback Book

Public Speaking has evolved and most people haven't caught up. It's about messaging and natural style. Bring your ideas to life with:

- A simpler way to control nerves.
- A simpler way to structure your ideas.
- A simpler way to engage your audience with natural delivery skills.

$22 USD


Vivid Baseball Cap

Some say this baseball cap performs magic:

  1. Helps you focus on a vivid message when planning a talk.
  2. As an audience member, it encourages people to cut the waffle.

Look great while reminding everybody in your organization to answer the question - 'What's Your Message?'

One size fits all. Unisex. Navy blue with red & white embroidery.

*This product is only available in North America

$25 USD

devices for ebook

eBook: What's Your Message?

Want to read What's Your Message?  on your phone or ebook reader? We've got you covered with both ebook versions (ePub and Mobi/Kindle) formats for easy reading on your Kindle or other electronic device.

$9.90 USD