"Cam has an amazing ability to distill complex ideas into simple, practical steps."

- Jules Lund

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Cam shows you how the awesome power of messaging makes leaders more compelling and everyone more persuasive. Great messaging brings your ideas to life and leverages your talent and experience.

In these fun and engaging sessions you'll learn how to how to speak with twice the impact, using half the effort. And get the value out of your head so others can recognise it.

Sessions include:

  • What's your leadership message?
  • The secrets of great business speakers.
  • How to charm a journalist.

Vivid Presentation Skills

Learn the Vivid Method for Public Speaking in a 1-day course that has been refined and perfected over 15 years.

You'll reduce preparation time, dissolve anxiety and speak with twice the impact, using half the effort.


Kim Sporton is an amazing facilitator and has been described as; fantastic, fun, down-to-earth, and, explains thing so clearly it just makes sense.

Cam Barber also conducts a customised version of this course.

Media Training, Sales Presentation Skills, Coaching...

We offer unique training options that dispel the myths and simplify the method so you can speak with relaxed certainty - includes media Training and Sales Presentation training with a focus on sharper messaging and natural style. View all training options by clicking the button below.

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The value of a Message Hierarchy

Does everyone describe your project, organisation or product with the same compelling messages? Is there team-wide agreement and consistency in your messaging? Your message strategy is crucial if you want results when:

  • Branding your organisation or department.
  • Launching new initiatives.
  • Implementing culture change projects.
  • Pitching for business or attracting equity partners.
  • Speaking at shareholder meetings or industry forums.
  • Getting people to take action or support any new idea.

Cam Barber facilitates Message Development Sessions to clarify and get agreement on the messages that position you for success.

Find out how a messaging session can help your team

Book Cover What's Your Message Cam Barber

Public Speaking with Twice the Impact, Using Half the Effort
The end of Public Speaking as we know it! This revolutionary method shows you how to think clearly, manage anxiety and speak persuasively.

It helps you bring your ideas to life with:

A simpler way to control nerves.
A simpler way to structure your ideas.
A simpler way to engage your audience with natural delivery skills.

toyota“The transformation from technical overload to a clear message was incredible.”

GM referring to Head of Technology, Toyota


Boost_Juice_student_discount_logo“The Vivid Method cuts through the rigid rules and unnecessary crap often associated with public speaking and develops people to communicate clearly and effectively. Thank you for the fresh approach."

 – CEO, Boost Juice


hqdefault“I have the tools to think more clearly and show the confidence that is needed. I can see now that clarity of message and certainty of voice underpin the most compelling delivery.”

-President, United International Pictures (Japan)

Shell_logo.svg“The Vivid Method will give you the skills to make you a confident and engaging presenter.”

Business Analyst, Shell

SEEK-Logo“Everyone thought [the session] was awesome. It totally changed their perspective.”
– Co-founder, Seek Ltd

Hawthorn-football-club-brand.svg (1)“Thank you for the Message Strategy session. We are already getting positive feedback from the press about the way we are presenting as a club”
– COO, Hawthorn Football Club

4“Vivid’s communication principles provide clarity and help ensure the intended message is transferred with credibility.”

– Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers


Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.43.59 pm“I’ve looked at 8 providers of presentation skills training and what Vivid has to offer is outstanding.”
– Vice President, Marketing, Foster’s Brewing