Hi, I’m Cam Barber.

I show you how to be more persuasive by:

Structuring your ideas into messages.

I’m the author of the best-selling book, What’s Your Message? and creator of the Vivid Method for persuasive speaking.

We help you bring your ideas to life in 2 ways:

1) The Vivid Presentation Skills course:

  • A simpler and more persuasive approach, built on the Vivid Method.

2) Message Strategy sessions:

  • A facilitated session to bring ideas to life and create value through Message Strategy.

No matter what your role: leader, parent, salesperson or project manager… Vivid Messages ensure your ideas have impact and influence the world around you.

Training: What is the Vivid Method?

The Vivid Method helps you sort your thoughts, dissolve anxiety and speak persuasively – in your natural style.

Many years ago I attended Presentation Skills training made me more self-conscious and nervous than before the course! It taught that we had to change our style and follow a list of rules, just to explain our ideas in front of an audience.

This approach public speaking can create the problem it’s trying to solve! When you’re worried about following all the rules, you can’t think as clearly, which increases your anxiety and makes you less persuasive.

The Vivid Method sets you free by focusing on what really matters. It has 3 parts:

  • 5 Vivid Principles: to think clearly and dissolve anxiety.
  • The Vivid Outline: to structure your ideas quickly and persuasively.
  • Vivid Techniques: to give great explanations and engage people from start to finish.

The Vivid Method gives you twice the impact, with half the effort. It can be taught in Training sessions, our (upcoming) Online Course or via Coaching sessions.

Message Strategy: What is a Transferable Message?

A Transferable Message is the holy grail of communication.

It’s a message that brings your idea to life, in a way that can be remembered and repeated easily.

Now, for your message to be transferred to your listener, it needs to be crystal clear in your mind – and tested in conversation. But more often than not, the message is lost in the details.

The skill we all need to improve is: ‘Speaking in Messages’.

Speaking in Messages is the most persuasive form of communication. Yet, due to that nature of language and the structure of the human mind, most of us are terrible at sorting through the details and distilling vivid messages that resonate in the mind of our listeners.

The Vivid Method teaches you these skills.

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