What’s Your Message? re-frames public speaking from the old focus on rules and performance techniques – to a more practical approach built on:

  • Message transfer 🔴⇨⇨🔴
  • Natural style

What’s Your Message? has been a bestseller in paperback, audiobook and kindle formats.

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My favourite book review is from marketing legend Al Ries, whose classic 1985 book ‘Positioning – the battle for your mind’ set me on the path of prioritizing message recall over performance techniques.

“It’s refreshing to read a public speaking book that focuses on the message rather than the techniques. Every speaker-to-be should read ‘What’s Your Message?’ before getting in front of an audience.”

Al Ries – Author, ‘Positioning’

Below is the kindle preview from Amazon USA:

Where to buy What’s Your Message?

The Korean translation is awesome

The Korean publisher translated the ‘What’s Your Message?’ title to The Law of the Message!

I love it 😊