The Book: What's Your Message?

Public Speaking with Twice the Impact, Using Half the Effort! This book shows you:
- A simpler way to control nerves.
- A simpler way to structure your ideas.
- A simpler way to engage your audience with natural delivery skills.

The What's Your Message? Podcast:

Episodes that cover 2 things:
1. How messaging is used in our society, to bring attention to ideas.
2. Interviews discussing people's challenges and breakthroughs when developing public speaking skills.

Cam Barber's Blog:

Articles on how to start a speech to how to end a speech - and everything in-between.

Speech Outline Examples:

Creating a Speech Outline saves time, sharpens your messages and gives you a Chunk Structure to guide your talk from start to finish. Examples include:
- Steve Jobs' Stanford Commencement speech (most watched speech of all time)
- The private equity pitch that raised $750 million.