While persuasion training develops individual skills, an organization needs consistent messaging from everyone in the team.

Persuasion is built on vivid messages.

If you manage a team, do you direct those messages or just let each individual describe your value in different ways? Are your messages easy to recall and repeat?

Consistent messaging leads to word-of-mouth momentum. Inconsistent messaging is lost in the wind.

A Message Strategy Project ensures everyone is on the same page – with a single-page document to guide sales conversations and marketing materials.

  1. Evaluate: How does your team describe the product/service/organization? Does everybody describe it in the same words? Do these words bring the value to life?
  2. Attack interviews: Put on ‘black hat’. Look at the best argument of the opposing view. Identify objections. Draw out opinions on existing messaging.
  3. Brainstorm: Open up new ideas. Debate. Consider messaging options.
  4. Test, out loud: Narrow discussion and prioritise key messages. Articulate them in real-world conversations, so people can effortlessly deliver them when needed.
  5. Capture on the spot: Get agreement and capture in a 1-page Message Map which is available for everyone immediately.

Is your team ready to persuade?

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