Cam Barber – message man

Cam is a speaker, speaking coach and speechwriter.

His background as a radio executive helped him understand how to get inside the mind of an audience and trigger message recall.

He developed the Vivid Method for Public Speaking as a response to the mechanical acting skills being taught for business presentations and media settings. The first version was built on natural style and message transfer – hence the nickname “message man”. Delighted participants also found that this simple, practical focus reduced public speaking anxiety.

Clients now rave about the ability to relax under pressure, the power of Vivid Messages and the simple approach that generates twice the impact using half the effort. Cam Barber has helped craft presentations for dozens of Top 100 companies and coached speakers, CEOs and other presenters to make their message more powerful.

When he’s not speaking, coaching or writing, Cam consults on message management.




Alastair ClarksonAlastair Clarkson, Coach Hawthorn Football Club
“We’ve been using Cam and the Vivid Method at Hawthorn for 7 years now. He’s helped us enormously in getting our ideas across – and that’s been really important for our progress as a football club.”

Jules LundJules Lund, Television & Radio Presenter
“Cam is the Magic Man! He has an amazing ability to distil complex ideas into simple, practical steps. He’ll show you how to sort your ideas and deliver vivid messages that persuade. He’s helped me a lot.” 

Janine AllisJanine Allis, CEO Boost Juice
“Cam’s Method cuts through the rigid rules and unnecessary crap often associated with public speaking and shows people how to communicate clearly and effectively. Thank you for the fresh approach Cam.”



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