Participants of the Vivid Persuasion Skills course receive The Vivid Kit. Each kit contains 4 physical items:

  1. Vivid Outline Workbook: 10 x worksheets
    • High quality workbook with step-by-step instructions for the Vivid Outline planning process.
    • 10 x double-page spreads of the 2 planning steps: the Message page and the Structure page.
  2. The bestselling What’s Your Message? book
    • Participants don’t need to read the whole book. But, it allows for personalised guidance – pointing to page numbers to expand understanding of their unique development areas.
    • It’s also a great reference between sessions as it follows the same structure as the Vivid Persuasion Skills course.
    • A rich and delightful reference tool for after the training.
  3. Message Ball
    • Used throughout the course to focus attention on message recall, not the details of the talk.
    • A fun and memorable anchor for the concept of Message Transfer 🔴⇨⇨🔴.
  4. Message Hat
    • The black hat represents objective thinking.
    • Putting on a ‘thinking hat’ while planning is an anchor for skill retention.
    • Can be used to improve the communication culture in your organization(!).
  • BONUS: Vivid Outline software templates
    • PowerPoint template.
    • Keynote template.
    • PDF template.
    • Links to the Lucidchart template of the Vivid Outline.

Schedule your training early:

➔ Participants receive The Vivid Kit before training begins.

➔ Kits are delivered to a single location in North America or Australia. You may need time to distribute kits to your remote participants.

➔ Typical lead time is 3 weeks.