Steve Jobs: Chunk Structure helps engage Stanford audience

What is the value of speech structure?
On June 12, 2005, Steve Jobs spoke to 23,000 people at the Stanford University stadium. He received a standing ovation, but what made this event famous is that millions of people watched the speech on YouTube. The speech was later published in full in Fortune magazine.
You can find a specific breakdown of the speech outline example of his commencement address at speechoutline.com.
Why is this speech so good?
Firstly, it tells a fascinating story about Steve Jobs’ life building Apple Computer and Pixar Animation Studios, as well as about his brush with death. It also shares life lessons we can all relate to. And, most relevantly here,  it’s also a wonderful example of the vivid speech outline.
Structure and Message
Steve Jobs is excellent at using an engaging structure and memorable messages to underpin his communication. I highly recommend you have a look at this wonderful speech, not just for its inspiring content, but to take note of the 3-chunk structure and the Vivid Message at the end.