Cam Barber’s interview with European CEO Magazine

Public speaking has evolved.

Cam Barber was interviewed by Elizabeth Matsangou for European CEO Magazine about the relevance of modern public speaking in business. Here are some interesting points from the interview:​

  • The art of public speaking has changed significantly since Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill.
  • Most people haven’t caught up”, “the old mechanical performance mentality needs to change so people can connect with listeners”.
  • Donald Trump is an example of this evolution. By the old approach, Donald Trump would be considered a terrible speaker, but he is able to make a powerful connection with his core audience, and he delivers vivid messages that even his opponents repeat.”

When asked about public speaking tips, Cam Barber responded with three key points:

  1. The ability to deliver a vivid message that can be recalled and hopefully repeated;
  2. The ability to connect with an audience and be believable;
  3. And the ability to bring an idea to life.

Check out the full public speaking article here.