Personal Coaching in...

  • Presentation Skills and Public Speaking
  • Media Training
  • Leadership Communication

Communication skills are vital to individual success and organisational effectiveness.

Personal Coaching allows you to cherry-pick just what you need to improve the probability of success.

The individual attention of a communication expert, along with practical tools and a supportive structure, can help you identify barriers to success and focus your energies to produce results more quickly and easily.

All coaching is customised to your needs and the outline of your program is agreed before coaching begins.


Coaching examples:

Persuading the board

Situation: The head of R&D with a multi-national pharmaceutical firm came to us for advice on "selling" a 5 year product pipe-line to the board.

Coaching objectives: To create a compelling presentation that would resonate individually with board members, as well as, appealing to their joint business vision.

Results: Role-playing gave this client renewed confidence and direction. Sessions on message clarification and structure (including powerpoint) resulted in a presentation that won board approval.


Fulfilling Your Leadership Potential

Situation: With the appointment of a new CEO, this GM saw an opportunity to revitalise his team - by defining and communicating his vision.

Coaching objectives: To clarify key values for the team and build systems to communicate them.

Results: Staff surveys, 360 degree and anecdotal feedback from within the team demonstrated that values were established and trust was improved. Morale also improved significantly.


Securing a Promotion

Situation: A 3-Day Leadership Challenge was this client's big oppotunity to make partner in a multi-national Proffesional Services firm.

Coaching objectives: Be comfortable with the interviews he would encounter over the 3 days and impress senior partners with his certainty.

Results: He felt composed in all situations with an improved ability to handle "left-field" questions.


Becoming a Great Speaker

Situation: The CEO of a fast growing company is asked to speak all the time, however, preparation consumed too much time and she wondered if her passion and message were conveyed accurately.

Coaching objectives: Leverage her dynamic personality to inspire audiences and  prepare more effectively.

Results: The Vivid Planning Method reduced preparation time, while her impact was improved through practice and objective feedback.


Seducing the Media

Situation: With one shot at presenting his revolutionary engine on television, this inventor was deeply concerned about both his confidence on air and the clarity of his message.

Coaching objectives: Strategies to ensure confidence, clear thinking & clear communication.

Results: A successful interview created enthusiasm for his product and greater media support.


Becoming Indispensable

Situation: The head of a non-core business division with a large organisation was concerned that outsourcing his division was a possibility.

Coaching objectives: Develop a compelling message about the value provided by the division & create internal marketing communications in support of specific proposals.

Results: Many proposals accepted and evidence suggests this division is now seen as a valued internal service - saving time and money.


Other examples include:

  • Persuading the Board to approve a $20 Million marketing campaign.
  • CEO making the transition from running the business to an industry figurehead.
  • Finance director speaking at an industry conference in front of 200 peers.
  • Winning new business (a large range of industries).
  • A professional speaker wishing to go to a new level.
  • Other high stakes communication events (both formal and informal).


Coaching clients include:

  • Partner, PriceWaterHouseCoopers
  • HR Director, Sensis
  • General Manager, Fox Sports
  • CEO, Austereo
  • President, United International Pictures
  • Sales Director. Johnson & Johnson
  • Sales Director, Walt Disney