FAQ: How do I answer questions briefly?

Q: “How can I answer questions more briefly at the end of my presentation? During the Q & A session of a major presentation I answered questions to death!”

A: Sacrifice…

…It’s human nature to try to demonstrate how much we know about a subject – to show we have a right to speak about it. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily lead to a clear message.
Clarity requires sacrificing information. How do you get clarity? A simple way is to get into the habit of asking yourself the following ‘question’ after explaining something: “The main point here is….”
Then lead with the main point only – and add detail if required or requested by the questioner.
By the way, it’s much more effective to practice this out loud, not just in your head. Say, “the main point is…” and finish the sentence OUT LOUD. This engages your brain more powerfully and builds the habit faster.