FAQ: How do I answer questions briefly?

Q: “How can I answer questions more briefly at the end of my presentation? During the Q & A session of a major presentation I answered questions to death!”

A: Sacrifice…

…It’s human nature to try to demonstrate how much we know about a subject – to show we have a right to speak about it. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily lead to a clear message.

Clarity requires sacrificing information. How do you get clarity? A simple way is to get into the habit of asking yourself the following ‘question’ after explaining something: “The main point here is….”

Then lead with the main point only – and add detail if required or requested by the questioner.

By the way, it’s much more effective to practice this out loud, not just in your head. Say; “the main point is…” and finish the sentence OUT LOUD. This engages your brain more powerfully and builds the habit faster.

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