Facilitation Training for Business Meetings and Workshops

How to Organise and Facilitate Meetings and Workshops

  • 1-day meeting and Facilitation training course
  • Customised for 6-18 people
  • Involves practice role plays
  • Expert coaching to give participants certainty and direction, when planning and conducting business meetings

The Diamond Model – A Flexible Business Meeting Outline

The Vivid Diamond Model functions as a outline for a range of meetings and facilitated sessions. It’s the foundation of good business meeting training. The Diamond model follows 4 key stages for planning business meetings and workshops:

  1. Preparation: Planning business meetings and workshops
  2. Opening: Providing a business meeting outline (the right way to do meeting icebreakers)
  3. During: Navigating the challenges of conducting a business meeting
  4. Closing: Ensuring you and audience get the desired outcome

This course gives you the confidence and certainty to facilitate workshops and conduct business meetings, by:

  • Interactive business meetings
  • Focus groups
  • Strategy planning sessions
  • Project management review meetings
  • Researching, planning and managing in-house projects
  • Business Planning Workshops
  • etc.

Challenges When Facilitating Meetings and Workshops

  • Workshop digresses, people get off track (of topic).
  • Strong personalities take over
  • People are sceptical about the benefits of being involved in the workshop. Don’t agree on reason for being there.
  • Can’t get people started/enthusiastic about generating ideas.
  • Negative personalities.
  • It’s a challenge to interrupt and summarise while still encouraging discussion.

Benefits of Vivid’s Meeting Design & Facilitation Workshop

Vivid’s Meeting Design & Facilitation Skills Workshop not only teaches the theory, but brings it to life with practical examples. The session is designed to remove any obstacles to success and to develop relaxed credible facilitators, which can:

  • Create an environment where people feel safe to contribute
  • Handle difficult questions and manage personality clashes
  • Keep people on track – and on time
  • Draw out ideas from the group
  • Have more confidence in the role of facilitator enjoy it more
  • Use simple strategies to plan effectively
  • Keep a group enthusiastic
  • Have tools to deal with ‘bossy’ or overbearing people
  • Know how to close a meeting/workshop

Customised Courses

We can create a program based on real world challenges/situations and integrate your current projects into the training.
E-mail us or fill out our form for more information.