Groundbreaking new app – VividOutline for iPad

Is this app really groundbreaking?

Well, if you want a quick, easy way to prepare a speech or presentation – and then rehearse the structure and key messages in just a few minutes, then it is groundbreaking. There’s been nothing like this before.

Most software innovation in the area of public speaking and presentations is around the look of a presentation. The slides, the visual support and the way they are delivered.

We don’t help you with that. We help you isolate and structure the crucial ideas that help you connect with your audience. It’s basically a turbo charged speech outline – we call it a Vivid Outline.

It speeds up the preparation and adds energy to the delivery.

What is VividOutline for iPad?
A free app for your iPad. Download it from the App Store. You create Outlines with your subscription to and the App automatically downloads the latest version to your iPad.

How can it help you?
Vivid’s focus is on getting you clear on the message and key points – not scripting every word. Once you’re happy with your Outline, you either export to PowerPoint for refinement or deliver your presentation with your Outline as your notes. Also:

  • Do a quick run-through of your Outline (a 1-minute rehearsal).
  • Record your rehearsal then play it back to get objective feedback on how good it is.
  • Memory Hook: Play it back a few times to get the ideas embedded in your mind – so you won’t forget your key points.
  • Access the power of structure. The built-in ‘Chunk’ structure does the hard work by keeping you on track.
  • Note the words from the ‘Coach’ that shows you how and when to emphasize the key points to have more impact.
  • So you can be clear, be confident, be yourself.

How does it work?

  • Automatically updates your list of Speech Outlines created at
  • On the left panel, you switch between your list of Outlines and ‘rehearsal mode’ when you can record and playback.
  • On the right panel you flick through the pages oto test it and see how it flows.

An iPhone app also available.

Simply flick through your ‘slides’ one-by-one to follow your structure, or go immediately to the section or message you need.

  • Highlights key points to emphasize.
  • The progress indicator shows you where you are in your presentation.
  • Ensures your notes are handy at any time before or during a speech.
  • Helps manage nerves by being completely certain about your key messages.
  • Be ready to persuade or engage any audience.

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