Instructions for Vivid iPad App

First, create your Speech Outlines at (see bottom of page for a refresher on how to do this).

  • Type in your Username and Password
  • Or simply use the ‘Demo Account’ which has 4 Outlines to play with.

  • Scroll through your List of Outlines (which were created at
  • Choose one by touching it on the left panel.



Screen Layout

The screen has left and right panels.

The left panel swaps between ‘List’ mode and ‘Rehearsal Mode’ by pressing the buttons on the bottom left.

  • The right panel shows your structure.
  • The grey bar at the top of the screen shows the TITLE of your presentation
  • The red bar shows you the SECTION of the presentation you’re in.
  • It starts with the Overview and as you flick the screen from right to left, it progresses through your chunks to your final message.
    • Try that now…
    • Swipe the screen to the left and watch the highlight change on the bottom of the screen to show you what section you’re in.

You can also press those buttons on the bottom of the screen to jump to the section of the presentation immediately.

Try that now.

Press Chunk 2… press recap… and press message.



A better way to rehearse your presentation.


The ‘Rehearsal Mode‘ makes it easy to test and review your talk.

A ‘1-minute rehearsal’ can be more effective than a full rehearsal.


Because it gets you extremely clear on the key points that form the structure of your presentation. This makes it easier to stay on track and remember the details.

Just click the ‘Record’ button – flick through the structure – and talk as though you were speaking to your audience.

The white screens are for details and explanations, while the yellow screens show you the important stages, and the key points within your talk.

The playback feature lets you hear your talk OBJECTIVELY – which is the key to ensuring that it will engage to your audience.

The best way to feel prepared is to get really clear on your key points – within a trusted structure.

So, VividOutline for iPad gives you easy access to your Outlines and a method for fast practice.

You can test and rehearse a presentation in just a few minutes so you’re always ready to persuade.


How to create Outlines at

  • Drag StickyNotes over the template. Type in your text. Click ‘save’ from the ‘file’ menu.
  • Your Outline will now be in your list of Outlines on the iPhone (as well as at You don’t need to do anything to get your Outline on the iPhone. Just open the App.
  • Remember to hold the SHIFT key down when you press RETURN to create a new line in your StickyNotes. Each ‘SHIFT-RETURN’ creates a new line on your iPhone pages (or a new bullet point in PowerPoint).

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