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Book Cam Barber to speak at your event and he will customise a session to suit your needs. For example:

The Vivid Method

– How to speak with twice the impact using half the effort.

Leverage your existing knowledge and talent. Get the value out of your head so others can recognise it.

It’s Easy to be Persuasive

– How to be more persuasive in day-to-day conversations

In this world of information overload, our messages are easily lost in the details. Learn simple techniques to clarify and highlight persuasive messages anywhere, anytime.

The Cornerstone of Leadership Communication

– The future looks good!

The one leadership skill across the many different styles of leadership answers one crucial question. How to communicate an idea and build a bridge between the individual and the organisation.

The Lost Art of the Speech Outline

– What’s your message?

The reason why great business people – as well as many radio and TV personalities – create a Speech Outline to prepare for important communication. Now you can too – in just 15 minutes!

Added Value Options

  • Breakout sessions
  • Coaching for senior team members
  • Reinforcement tools: SpeechOutline PDF

AV preferences – Keynote

  • Microphone: Wireless lapel or ‘cheek’ microphone
  • Data projector access. Cam will bring his own Mac laptop which will be plugged into the data projector
  • Bottle of water

AV preferences – Breakout session

  • One x 1m skirted table for props on side of stage
  • Data projector access. Cam will bring his own laptop which will be plugged into the data projector
  • Table or lecturn for laptop
  • A four-outlet power board and extension cord into the wall socket
  • Bottle of water