Clarify and Add Impact to Important Messages

  • Do you need to attract funding? Clients? Partners?
  • Are you getting word-of-mouth momentum with your branding?
  • Do you have an idea that needs to be sold to the team?
  • Does you company/team deliver consistent messaging – or does everyone explain the ideas differently?
  • Do you have bad news to deliver?

Message recall is Crucial

A Vivid Message Development session help you define the right message for the right audience. In this information-overload age, your message strategy is crucial if you want results when:

  • Messaging Development Session Cam Barber
    Launching new initiatives or Implementing culture change projects
  • Getting project approval or Presenting to the board
  • ‘Branding’ your department
  • Attracting partners or Pitching for new business
  • Speaking at shareholder meetings or industry forums
  • Getting people to take ACTION or support any NEW IDEA

Case Studies


1. The Walt Disney Company (Launching new corporate structure).

“Thanks Cam for your help with this! Your advice was really welcomed and it is great to have input from someone who is a bit removed from the politics!”


2. CSIRO (Raising the profile of a division to secure funding).

“Very valuable. The process forced a different way of thinking about our messages – it helped to break up an existing tendency towards ‘group think’ about our messages.”

“The session gave us a concrete outcome: We were able to cut through to the essence of sometimes unclear propositions. We received rapid and frank (some might say brutal) feedback.”


3. Hawthorn Football Club (Position the club as a leader in the competition and manage challenging media stories).

“Thank you for the Message Strategy session. We are already getting positive feedback from the press about the way we are presenting as a club.”


4. Telstra (Build a new team and launch a controversial new policy).

“Cam facilitated a Message Clarification Session to help sell some key ideas across Telstra’s senior leadership and made a valuable contribution to building our new team at the time.”

Get the team to AGREE on the message

  • How do YOU describe what your team/department/division does?
  • Does the rest of the team describe it in the same words?
  • Will this description get you the support you need to succeed?

A message strategy and a common communication language help improve productivity and increase the credibility of both individuals and a department. And your messages provide clear direction for brochures, websites and other documents, saving time and reducing confusion.

Great things happen when business communication is clear and memorable; decisions are made, obstacles are cast aside and business is secured.

Cam Barber will direct a group’s attention so that problems are uncovered, addressed and resolved.

There may only be one chance to get your idea across effectively. Cut through the clutter and deliver a message that will be remembered – and easily transferred.

What does a Message Development session look like?

All consulting projects are unique. Before making a recommendation we take a focused look at your business communication challenges and opportunities and talk with you to develop the most appropriate project parameters.

However, a typical example is a half-day session with the relevant team.

A session format example:

  • Define the core audience.
  • Brainstorm: Listen to all versions of the “Message”.
  • Narrow discussion and become practical, isolate key messages and prioritise options.
  • Discuss communication options to get the message out.
  • Capture next steps in writing.

Good Business Communication Needs a Marketing Message

Your presentations are like mini brand messages. Make them count.

Other message development clients include: Foster’s Brewing, Boost Juice, Mercer, Mayne (Faulding), Austrade, Nestle and Tennis Australia.

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