Vivid Presentation Skills 1-day Course, in-house


Presentation Skills Course Overview

Our 1-day Presentation Skills course has been refined and perfected over 10 years.

It’s designed for 5-7 people. It gives participants an opportunity to develop a real presentation from start to finish so they are ready to persuade immediately.

We create a fun, stimulating, and non-threatening in-house training environment.

You’ll learn the trusted Vivid Method for public speaking, which demystifies presentation skills and shows you step-by-step how to prepare and deliver compelling presentations.


What is the Vivid Method?

It’s a revolutionary method that gives you:

1. A simpler way to control nerves
2. A simpler way to structure your ideas
3. A simpler way to engage your audience with natural delivery skills 

It removes obstacles and develops you as a relaxed, credible and persuasive speaker – ready to deliver compelling presentations, speeches and media conversations. The Vivid Method has 3 parts:

1. The ClarityFirst Principles

  • Help you think clearly and dissolve anxiety, so you can relax and get on with your talk.
  • When you’re clear on WHAT to do and HOW to do it, your mind and body automatically help you succeed.
  • Help you develop a relaxed, Natural Style and speak with certainty.

2. Create a Speech Outline

  • A flexible framework to create a Presentation Outline (Speech Outline).
  • Clarify the central message and group information in a Chunk Structure.
  • This reduces preparation time (save hours or even days) and keeps you on track during a talk.
  • Optional download the free PDF of the Speech outline which makes the process even easier.

3. Give Great Explanations

  • A range of options to engage your audience.
  • Visual Explanations: How to use visual support effectively.
  • How to develop your presence, maintain poise and handle questions.
  • Persuasive techniques to sell ideas and get support for them.

Public Workshop3

Vivid Course Format

2Kim Sporton teaching4

Designed for 5-7 participants, this presentation skills workshop is customised to your needs and ensures each person receives personal coaching and objective feedback.

Learn how to start, how to end and how to engage your audience from start to finish.

Many people use this course to create a presentation from start to finish, with expert coaching and feedback, then test it’s key messages in front of an audience.


This presentation skills training project includes:

  • Pre-session discussion – diagnosis of goals and priorities.
  • Custom project design incorporating participant questionnaire.
  • Message clarification session.
  • We provide training materials. You provide venue, catering and audiovisual equipment.

Presentation Skills training materials: Each person receives powerful reinforcement tools. Hard-copy and optional software tools (the app) that cut preparation time in half, and function as a 24/7 reminder of the key skills after the training.

We come to you – all over Australia, The U.S, and most of Asia.

Who is Kim Sporton?

Kim Sporton accepting award

Kim is an award winning journalist and has been facilitating Vivid training courses for more than 10 years.

Her background includes; on-air presenter for TV programs such as Sportsworld and Our Victoria, a reporter at both Channel 7 News and Channel 9 News and A Current Affair.

Kim Sporton has trained hundreds of people in Presentation Skills, at all levels. She is a very effective facilitator with a lively yet focused style that has been described as fun, helpful, and down to earth.


“I’ve looked at 8 providers of presentation skills training and what Vivid has to offer is outstanding.” – Marketing Manager, Foster’s Brewing

“It is a brilliant program that is incredibly simple.” – Head of Development, Sensis

“Kim was fantastic! Everybody loved the session.” – HR Director, Pitcher Partners

“The Vivid Method cuts through the rigid rules and unnecessary crap often associated with public speaking and develops people to communicate clearly and effectively. Thank you for the fresh approach.”– CEO, Boost Juice

“My concern wasn’t the course fee, it was the time it would cost me, but the course was very productive. I completed two presentations, improved my skills for the long term and had some important questions answered.” – Managing Director, Columbia TriStar Films

Vivid Presentation Skills Benefits:

Manage Nerves

  • Be relaxed, confident and engaging when speaking.
  • Control nerves by removing the uncertainty that creates anxiety.

Think Clearly

  • Use tools to clarify and structure compelling communication.
  • Know how to be clear and succinct – even under time pressure.

Sell Ideas

  • Develop persuasive skills and get more support for ideas.
  • Communicate vivid, memorable messages – so people take action.

Go to the Next Level

  • Engage the audience with strong delivery skills.
  • Manage audience interaction. Don’t get side-tracked.
  • Use visual aids more effectively.

Save Time

  • Dramatically reduce the time and mental effort required to prepare.
  • Isolate a compelling Transferable Message, so there is no confusion.

Vivid Presentation Skills in-house training focuses on a clear messages and natural style, so that you can relax and get on with your talk.



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