Sales Presentation Skills – Persuade with Clarity

Get the Message Across and Influence Behaviour

With so many different sales techniques floating around, it can be difficult for salespeople to know what to focus on.

If you make formal pitches or informal presentations that need to be persuasive, then you need sales presentation skills designed for the real world. So, you can grab every opportunity to convey your point of difference and persuade.

Some salespeople who are effective one-on-one need new skills to present to a group.

Sales Presentation Skills training will increase the sales team’s confidence and provide a framework for ongoing improvement.

Sales Presentation Training in Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane

We will customise a training session to suit your needs and include examples from the real world.

Master the Sales Presentation basics

When you have the tools to feel confident, audiences feel more comfortable, and the atmosphere becomes more conducive to persuasion.

Michael Jordan (rated by ESPN as the greatest basketball player of all time) was famous for saying the secret to his success was “practicing the basics every day”.

What are the 3 Sales Presentation Basics?

1. Persuasive Messages

  • Define messages that go deeper into the underlying benefits to the client.
  • Tailor the sales presentation to the customer
  • Anticipate potential objections
  • Ensure your message is remembered.

2. Flexible, Engaging Structure

  • Salespeople often deliver a ‘data dump’ simply because they have so much information and product options.
  • Structure your sales messages so you are flexible – and can adapt to the sales conversation.
  • Manage the interaction.
  • Use questions to navigate your sales presentation on the fly.
  • Learn how to ‘let the client in’ to the sales conversation while still being in control.
  • Know how to start – and finish a sales presentation with a structure that persuades.

3. Confident, Natural Style

  • Ensure your salespeople feel comfortable speaking in front of a group.
  • Natural style, pausing, pace, letting the listener ‘in’.
  • Tips on how to interact and engage with your audience, handle Q&A and get results.
  • Sales presentations are only effective if they are believed. Messages, evidence and a credible speaker all come together to persuade.

Salespeople become better all-around communicators; as they gain confidence while speaking and self-assurance through mastering the most common fear.

Participants gain an understanding of how simplifying ideas can increase comprehension. Clarification and information structuring skills can improve business writing and knowledge transfer outside the presentation process.

The Training empowers participants to:

  • Feel confident to stand and deliver in front of a group (dissolve the fear of public speaking).
  • Have more control of sales conversations.
  • Learn how to persuade a prospect with clarity of message.
  • Hold shorter and more productive meetings.
  • Reduce the time and mental effort required to prepare for sales conversations.
  • Establish credibility and know how to make customers feel comfortable.
  • Arrange ideas in a persuasive way.
  • Easily manage tough questions.
  • Build greater trust, meaning less resistance to sales conversations and greater acceptance of your recommendations.

Vivid Sales Presentation Skills Training

Involves practice, expert feedback and personal coaching to give participants certainty and clear direction.

Real work examples will be used throughout – with expert assistance applied to current presentations for each participant.

The sales presentation skills training will be designed to remove any obstacles to success and develop relaxed, credible and persuasive communicators. It does this by providing tools and ideas to develop the natural strengths in each person and minimise any weaknesses.

“She/he who is clearest, wins”