#1 Why messaging is important – with Craig Bruce

Cam Barber talks with Craig Bruce about persuasion – and how to get better at messaging.
Areas covered include:
– Messaging is so pervasive it’s like oxygen.
– We make decisions on messaging, NOT facts!
– The vacuum that occurs when you don’t have a message hierarchy.
– How a clear message can eliminate anxiety.
– What your message hierarchy might look like.
Examples include:
– BUSINESS: Apple’s iPod and iPhone, skin care startup.
– SOCIAL: Climate change, environmental protections.
– SPORT: Media skills, Hawthorn Football Club.
– POLITICS: Trump, Clinton.
– How to get your message remembered.

Show Notes:

0:30 Why is Cam so fascinated with messaging?
1:13 What does a good message look like? and what does it do?
3:41 How is messaging used across the spectrum?
6:46 How often do your clients actually have a starting point in terms of what their message is?
9:11 A few clients Cam has worked with that have struggled with messaging.
9:44 Why is that important for a football club or a sporting club to have a a consistent message?
13:49 Hawthorne project as an example, was that an aim or a claim to be the most professional football club?
16:34 Is there a risk around that though ‘most professional football club’?
21:26 How Cam worked with a star player on messaging?
25:14 Why don’t companies spend more time on definitive messaging?
28:33 Messaging you can call it keywords, in many ways will determine what page you land on and stay on
36:08 [Music]