$100 million habit: Janine Allis keeps it simple and solves problems

I’m a fan of Janine Allis.
A recent article in The Age outlines her story and secret to success with Boost Juice (250 stores, $130 million turnover). In a nutshell:
”What I’m good at is solving problems and keeping things simple.”
One of the great things about Janine’s story is that her formal qualifications from Knox Tech (which she left at 16) don’t include Business Administration, they include typing and welding!
In other words, the ‘qualifications’ she applies are qualities we can all develop:

  • look at problems and opportunities objectively
  • ask questions and get clarity before acting
  • find expert help when needed.


Public speaking

Janine asked for some coaching in public speaking when Boost Juice started to take off. We had met some years earlier (and it turned out we were born at the same hospital a few weeks apart). This was before Boost Juice, but she had a dynamic glint in her eye even then. When Janine talked, she looked at you and really listened.
As the audiences got bigger she had questions like;

  • how do you manage a room of 200+ people,
  • what’s appropriate for various audiences (business ‘suits’, younger people, overseas cultures, etc),
  • is my natural style ok as CEO for an international business?

My job as Coach in this instance was simply to dispel some speaking myths, address the areas of uncertainty and reinforce that her natural style is not only appropriate, it’s a breath of fresh air. We then structured the key points of her story and built a presentation framework.
In other words, the coaching project solved a couple of problems and kept things simple! Both of which boost energy and motivation (unsolved problems and complexity suck energy at an alarming rate). Janine is now one of Australia’s most sought-after public speakers.
So I’m a fan of Janine Allis and her story, and I’m happy to say that Janine is a fan of the Vivid Method.
If you’d like to develop persuasive speaking skills, consider: