#4 Annie Stanton- Competing for attention with Hollywood legends


Cam speaks to Annie Stanton, Executive Director at the Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

While sitting in Madison Square park in New York City, Annie talks about her traumatic first experience in public speaking – and how she now measures up to hollywood actors and directors on stage.

A refreshing and honest conversation about communication skills, meditation and persuasion.


Show Notes:

01:48 Annie talks about her first experience with public speaking and how that affected her in the future.

03:54 Annie answers how she overcame her anxiety.

05:29 Annie shares why studying abroad will help broaden your experience.

08:38 Cam ask’s Annie how meditation helped with public speaking.

10:28 Annie on having to speak to a crowd of performers and director.

11:29 Dealing with the pressure of matching professional performers.

13:43 Annie talks about how different industry roles show different personalities on stage.

14:50 Annie recalls an example of memorising a presentation gone wrong remember talking about a presentation.

17:12 Cam talks about how messaging helps you to be more effective in any area of life.

19:10 Annie answers if she has noticed if ‘one message has been stronger’ when used within her program.

21:22 Cam gives an example of one of Annie’s great use of messaging.


  1. Make it, ‘short but impactful’. That was my Dad’s mantra.

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