#6 Amanda Lee – “Is everything in your team aligned?”

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Cam interviews Amanda Lee who is the Content Director at Perth radio station 92.9FM.
Amanda talks about:
Her leadership Message to her managers, “Is everything in your team aligned to create great content?”
Her realisation that, even thought she wasn’t nervous as a speaker, she knew she wasn’t clear enough.
And her question: How do I get so confident about what I’m delivering that I don’t need notes?

Top Messages in this episode:

  • “It’s really important to have strong messaging as a leader.”
  • “Great leaders inspire people.”
  • “We are Perth’s number 1 radio station for hits and old school.”
  • “We play all the hits the current hits that everyone loves and also the old school you grew up with.”
  • “Get up with Heidi and Woody.”
  • “Get a lift home with Hamish and Andy.”
  • “Radio is an intimate relationship with the listener.”
  • “Who do we target, and whats important to them, what content are they interested in.”
  • “My role is to create a positive and creative culture.”
  • “Our trademark = our principles and guidelines.”
  • “Respect for each other, not taking things personally, celebrating wins.”
  • “Normally a message is not a question, it is a statement.”
  • “Is everything aligned in your team to create great content?”
  • “So many business now need to create good content in order to succeed.”
  • “As a leader you shouldn’t go in and change everything straight away, start by observing and asking lots of questions.”
  • “You gotta encourage your team to move with you, that takes strategy.”
  • “Rome was not built in a day.”
  • “I used to be a public speaker in school, I was brilliant, won all the competitions.”
  • “I didn’t care what people thought.”
  • “I want to be remembered for my messages and for my vision.”
  • “You gotta ask for help, it’s all about self development.”


Show Notes:

0:32 intro
1:19 Messaging Amanda uses in her role?
1:49 The main strategies and key messages that are used at the radio station.
2:45 The radio stations secondary message.
3:27 As a person in a leadership position what is her message to her team?
4:31 The tag lines and messages, Amanda uses to guide and encourage creativity.
6:28 “Is everything aligned in your team to create great content?”
8:04 What Amanda believes a leader should do when they join a new team.
9:51 Amanda’s challenges she had as a public speaker.
11:10 Amanda’s time as on-air presenter affected her speaking in front of people.
12:40 Getting help from Cam on strong messaging.
13:13 Amanda’s triggers that lead to a lack of confidence.
14:28 Why you should ask for help.