#7 Sam Cavanagh “Fans not listeners”

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Sam Cavanagh is a thought leader and Executive Producer of the Hamish and Andy radio show.
His message of “Fans not listeners” helped the radio industry transition to the era of social media and web content.
Sam gives behind-the-scenes insight on how the biggest radio show in Australia came up with their slogan “The People’s Show” and shares lessons on overcoming his fear of public speaking.

Top messages in this episode:

  • “The people show.” (for Hamish & Andy)
  • “Your best messages come when your engage with people in a conversation.”
  • “Fans not listeners.”
  • “We need to start thinking about our audience as fans not just listeners.”
  • “As people experience content on social media, talking about listeners limits our creativity.”
  • “No one under the age of 30 owns a radio, so we need to broaden our thinking about our audience.”
  • “You are no longer a producer on a radio show, you produce brands that fans love.”
  • “Uncertainty is the cause of all anxiety.”
  • “When you feel pressure build up at the start, throw it back to the audience by asking a question.”
  • “Your natural style is your best style.”
  • “The show is at it’s best when we engaged with our listeners.”
  • “Our fans have better ideas and they are funnier than us – it’s the people show!”


Show notes:

2:14 Sam on his public speaking anxiety.

4:41 Facing fears and getting better at something you’re not good at.

5:32 Social media has tipped radio on it’s head.

7:25 Sam’s message to producers to challenge their thinking.

8:40 Getting *certainty* about your speaking environment.

9:54 Sam’s tips to control his nerves.

12:34 Sam’s breakthrough finding his natural style

15:04 More examples of messages, “The People Show”.

20:23  What is the best way to come up with messages?

21:00 Sam’s advice on taking a new direction in your career.