Speech Outline template download – free PDF

The Vivid Speech Outline template will help you prepare a speech or presentation in half the time. You can download this tool as an editable Speech Outline template PDF.


The Speech Outline process walks you through...

The Speech Outline process helps you to craft a compelling message your audience will remember, and structure your ideas into chunks - so your speech or presentation is easy to follow.

I personally use this step-by-step Speech Outline process with every coaching client because it makes it soo easy to sort through the details and bring ideas to life.

How to use the Speech Outline template PDF:

  1. Print it and complete with pen (and possibly Post-It Notes).
  2. Or open the PDF file and input text. Just 'tab' through each step. You can produce an unlimited number of Speech Outlines, by saving as.

Speech Outline examples

Speech Outline Steve Jobs Stanford
Speech Outline Chunk Structure

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