Cam Barber Public Speaking interview on ‘Big Marketing’

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Here’s how Tim Reid opens the interview:

Cam Barber developed The Vivid Method to help  you overcome the fear of public speaking

And thank God! I mean who doesn’t (you know what) themselves when they have the opportunity to get up on a stage or present to an audience of more than one?! 

But here’s the thing – public speaking is a marketing strategy many more small business owners should embrace. It provides leverage, it positions you as an opinion leader and it forces you to get your message right. All mighty good outcomes when you’re wanting to build both your personal and business brand. Cam Barber can help.


Cam Barber reveals public speaking secrets

Look at that penetrating photo of Cam thinking…
Well, he did some great thinking for this interview with Tim Reid a little while back. The audio runs 50+ minutes and teaches you how to control speaking anxiety, prepare quickly and wow your audience.

  1. It dispels a few myths and shows you the 3 steps to become a great speaker.
  2. Answer questions that came from listeners whom posted to Facebook and LinkedIn
  3. Also includes his MAGIC technique to eliminate nerves at the start of a presentation, while instantly creating a relaxed mood in the room.


Public speaking interview timeline

  • 4 min 48 seconds: The interview starts.
  • 15 min 45 seconds: The magic public speaking technique, the great secret…
  • 24 minute mark: runs through an example of the vivid speech outline process.

Check it out at: Small Business, Big Marketing.

Raves for the Cam Barber interview

Here’s an excerpt of what a small business owner had to say about the magic public speaking technique:

Hi Cam,

I heard your speaking tips and did my first speaking gig last night. The ‘Just before we get started’ technique worked like a charm.

It helped to get me really focused and controlled the nerves.

It also worked to create an informal atmosphere by breaking the ice, which is exactly what you said it would do.

I had 40 people in the audience and using your techniques I actually wasn’t that nervous at all surprisingly.

Here’s the actual post on the Vivid Method Facebook page:

Just before we get started - FB Jedha

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