Communication Coaching: Using standup comedy for book publicity

Amy Doering is releasing a book and wanted book publicity and media promotion.
We decided on a unique approach; we would create a 5 minute standup comedy routine using the stories in the book.
Here’s Amy talking about the Coaching Project; how she was able to control nerves by refining the material and using a structure to sort the ideas.
Anybody making business presentations will see the value here. Specifically

  1. Editing material to suit a specific audience
  2. Getting really clear on the key points and being sure your wording conveys the meaning you intend
  3. Wrapping your ideas in a reliable structure.

And here is Amy’s virgin standup comedy performance:

Note the tidy structure at the end:

Most stand-up comedians (and most presenters) don’t have an ending, they just hope the last joke is the funniest and leave the stage.
But can you see how professional Amy looks as she wraps up her session – and how satisfying it sounds to the audience to have a message at the end.
If you’d like to prepare fro a special communication event, consider: