Give the media a good ‘story’ – they’ll promote it for you!

Media training should start with an understanding of what every journalist wants: a good story.
Let’s take a look at an example from Apple – who are masters at providing a catchy ‘story’ and having the media promote it exactly as Apple intended.
It’s about the new MacBook Laptop released last October.
The basic story is that Apple has learnt good ideas from the iPad and the iPhone and used them to build a cooler laptop.

Fortune Magazine headline:
Apple story FORTUNE Magazine
Note the wording here “… Fortune’s Adam Lashinksy says…”
Well, actually,  Steve Jobs said this at the launch. It was repeated in the video Apple released and further reinforced in the marketing material all over the Apple website.
Mr Lashinksy added something to the story, but Apple controlled it by crafting it so well and incorporating it so effectively in the launch promotion.

Time Magazine headline:
Apple headline TIME
Note that the story can be shortened to a 10-word media message and still make sense. listed the headline to encourage people to click.

Virtually every journalist repeated it in one form or another. In this way, Apple received $millions in free exposure – and made sure that exposure aligned with their marketing messages.

A Transferable Message:
The ‘holy grail’ of persuasive communication is a transferable message. Something that’s so catchy, people will repeat it to others just because it’s an interesting idea and media outlets will share it with millions of people.
Does your story (about your project, company, product, etc) pass this test?
If you’d like to develop your media skills, consider: