Hawks testimonials for Cam Barber (from Captain, Coach, CEO)

Hawthorn Football Club have used the Vivid Method for Public Speaking and Media Training since 2007.
AFL clubs get an incredible amount of media scrutiny and the Hawks are very effective in managing their media messages and building communication skills in their people.

Luke Hodge, Hawks Captain.

Luke was comfortable when asked questions by journalists and on TV, but when he became capatain he had to do more public speaking and business presentations. This was a new experience. He talks about how he was able to relax on stage and get his message across.
“Spending more time with Cam has helped me work on my strengths as a speaker. At the start I was very nervous, I spoke very quickly. He put different things in place where I can relax on stage and be able to get my message across more effectively,” Hodge said.


Stuart Fox, CEO, Hawthorn Football Club

Talks about the value of ‘chunking’ and structure.
“In my role as CEO, I do a lot of presentations, discussions with the media and public speaking, so I’ve used Cam and the Vivid Method a lot. Basically to build confidence around how I present. He’s taught me to relax and be comfortable in myself. His strategy is around delivering a clear message – and what I’ve used a lot is the method of ‘chunking’. So when I’m preparing to talk I basically chunk up all the key messages I want to get across to our stakeholders and the community.
He’s been fantastic. And what we’ve done now is pushed that down to our middle management team, my senior managers use the procedure as well. We’re all singing from the same hymn book. So we’re using the same framework internally, every time.
I think it’s made a big difference and it’s certainty added to the overall professionalism of the Hawthorn Football Club.”

Alastair Clarkson, Premiership Coach, Hawthorn Football Club.

Talks about the power of consistent messaging.
“We’ve been using the Vivid Method and Cam Barber for 5 or 6 years now. Probably the most significant thing we’ve found from his program is… you know with a club the size of ours, so many people from a playing level through to an administrative level, you need to make sure your messaging is all on the one page.”
He continues, “Cam has helped us enormously with making sure that the messages we send out about our football club, and the way we want to go about things, are all tied together and on the same page, whether it’s at board level, coaching level or at a playing level. And that’s been really important for our progress as a football club.”

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